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Main products are widely used in office buildings, home villas, hotels, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, government units and other places, to meet the needs of various users for window decoration.

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At present, facing the new competitive environment and development opportunities, the company adheres to the concept of "accommodating the four seas and seeking the future wisely", expands cooperation and exchanges with global trading partners, continuously optimizes the structure of business resources and human resources, and closely follows the domestic and foreign economic development trends to timely adjust strategies, improve management and innovate services.

About Us


About Us

Jingrui soft clothes is located in the world's ecommerce capital. Hangzhou, China, which successfully hosted the G20 Summit, has a superior geographical position. It is close to Keqiao China Textile City, Shaoxing, with convenient transportation and 8 kilometers away from Xiaoshan International Airport in Hangzhou. The company specializes in the development, processing and sales of textile fabrics, including jacquard, embroidered fabrics, curtain fabrics, sofa, seamless wall fabrics, soft cloth, engineering fabrics, special customized fabrics and other fabrics, with a long history, the company has a complete set of novel design, exquisite craft, highquality aftersales service system! The company has sales outlets in large and mediumsized cities all over the country. It can provide you onestop service of doortodoor sample selection, design, measurement, installation and warranty. The main products are widely used in office buildings, home villas, hotels, industrial parks, hospitals, schools, government units and other places, to meet the needs of various users for curtain cloth, sofa, seamless wall cloth, decorative soft cloth, engineering workers, special custom cloth. Under the company's development department, design department, sales department, after-sales department, all departments strive to play their own advantages, work together, integrate the advantages of products, provide quality services, to do products at ease! The company is characterized by innovation, based on the principle of quality first, customer first, honesty first, convenient, fast and thoughtful service. It gives customers consistent praise. Especially the very satisfactory aftersales service makes many customers come. You give me a request, and you will get a hundred surprises. This is a promise to all customers.

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